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Foggy mornings, coffee, and the spell of dawn

Lift your eyelids and force your powerless body to get up and use the morning, they said. Take advantage of the new day, of the fact that the world is sleeping (well, at least your time zone is) and start pursuing your dream. Better yet, start your day with the first ray of sunlight, go jogging, take a shower, have breakfast, brush your teeth, make coffee, and after all those activities (necessarily done before 6:30 o’clock) start doing whatever you really want to do in your life.

A tempting picture, isn’t it? Add some drops of imagination, perhaps a steamy cloud hovering over your coffee and its inviting smell, plus maybe some fire crackling in the fireplace, or birds singing, and voilà: a couldn’t-be-better morning.

Well, if you’re this kind of person who has such a morning, I envy you. And congratulations—I tried, I really did, but the thing is, I’m a night owl by nature. So my mornings were slightly different—I rolled out of my bed down onto my not-so-soft carpet; and wrapped up tight in my bathrobe, I trailed to the kitchen, yawning and looking blearily around, trying to figure out if I was still dreaming or if I’d really hit upon that crazy idea of getting myself out of bed at such an unseemly hour. When I realized that yes, that’s exactly what I’d done, I wolfed down breakfast and got to my computer. To write. Because that’s what I love.

The whole effort, however, brought me yawning mornings instead of freshly written pages, and what’s worse, it brought me sleepy evenings. But you know, I do like the idea of productive mornings, there’s some magic in it. Really.

I’ve realized my nature has been given to me but not without a reason. And so I’ve replaced the hazy dawns with the starry nights, and guess what—the world is sleeping 🙂 I might not have hot coffee by my side, but I have hot ginger tea; the first rays of sun are replaced with the first rays of moonlight, and the birdsong with the cricket song. And the best part is that my imagination is rocketing then and the characters are alive in my head again.

So, no matter if you’re an early bird or a night owl, there’s a beauty and magic in each part of a day, but perhaps it’s better not to fight with your inner clock 😉

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