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Magic, Witchcraft, and Drawings

What do you feel when see fantasy drawings? How do you react?

Do your eyes linger on the outline and the colourway? Or perhaps your imagination is already busy creating a follow-up story?

Imagination is a powerful thing – it sketches every single element of any story we’re currently reading, and yet it’s so nice to see what has so far been imprisoned in our mind. I guess that’s why we enjoy adaptations, for example.

Today I’d like to tell you about my favourite fantasy artist – ladies and gentlemen- Victoria Frances! An absolutely mesmerising artist whose works are so great I have never enough of them. I stumbled upon Victoria’s works more or less 11 years ago and have been her avid fan since then.

I especially like the drawings that were created at that time:

Whenever I look at them, my mind is already creating a story behind the pictures 🙂 Very inspirational, I must say.

Have a nice day!